Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Carrier Oil

1% Dilution

2% Dilution

3% Dilution

5% Dilution

10% Dilution

5ml (1 tsp)

1 drop

2 drops

3 drops

5 drops

10 drops

10ml (2 tsp)

2 drops

4 drops

6 drops

10 drops

20 drops

15 ml (3 tsp)

3 drops

6 drops

9 drops

12 drops

24 drops

1 oz (2 tbsp)

5-6 drops

10-12 drop

15-18 drops

25-30 drops

50-60 drops

2 oz (4 tbsp)

10-12 drops

20-24 drops

30-36 drops

50-60 drops

100-120 drops


1% dilution – This is best for children under the age of 12, pregnant women, individuals over the age of 65 with health concerns, subtle energetic effects (ex. chakra balancing & meditation), and people with long term illnesses or a compromised immune system.  It is also a good idea to start with a low dilution for anyone who has a sensitivity to fragrances, chemicals, or other environmental pollutants.

2% dilution – This is best for healthy adults to use for every day issues such as skin care and on a long term basis.  It is also a good dilution to use for massage oils.

3%-10% dilution – This is best to use for an acute injury to muscle, tendons, or bones, for pain relief, or issues related to a cold, flu, or allergies.  These blends are only used for a week or two because of the stronger concentration of essential oils. The amount used will depend on the individual and it is best to start with the smaller dilution and work one’s way up as needed.

*These are general guidelines for using essential oils in a safe manner.  Please do your own research or schedule a consultation with me before using essential oils since I do not know your health history.  I do not recommend using essential oils on children younger than 2 years of age.