You can find past newsletters by following the links below. Included in these are a recipe, an essential oil profile, and “ask the aromatherapist” section.

  • February 2020 – neroli profile; sensual massage oil recipe; essential oils for romance
  • January 2020 – black spruce profile; energize me inhaler recipe; what does “oxidized’ mean for essential oils
  • December 2019 – thyme ct linalool profile; stay healthy inhaler recipe; what is a diffuser
  • November 2019 – ravintsara profile; allergy relief inhaler recipe; essential oils for seasonal allergies
  • October 2019 – eucalyptus citriodora profile; immune boosting inhaler recipe; difference between lemon eucalyptus essential oil and oil of eucalyptus;
  • September 2019 – peppermint essential oil; headache roller bottle recipe; neat use of essential oil; podcast recommendations
  • August 2019 – frankincense profile; chakra meditation synergy recipe; subtle aromatherapy
  • July 2019 – lavender profile; calming inhaler recipe; essential oils I would bring to a deserted island